Balloons bring a great deal of colour, fun and excitement to the world. Latex production has a positive environmental impact on the world by helping combat climate change. Latex production provides employment and income for some of the most impoverished people in the world. The Balloon industry provides employment for thousands of people in the UK, and hundreds of thousands around the world. 

Latex Balloons are 100% biodegradable. 

90% of balloons are used indoors. 

Although latex balloons are biodegradable, releasing balloons into the atmosphere could be classed as littering and should not be condoned.

balloon release statement

As a balloon professional, we have taken the decision to no longer support the release of balloons into the atmosphere as we wish to protect the environment from unnecessary litter.

We urge our customers, and others to support our decision and not let go of helium filled balloons.

We would love to help you to find a good alternative to balloon releases that can be easily and responsibly disposed of after your event.


Mike is a founding member of PEBA UK (Pro Environment Balloon Alliance), which is the UK arm of a worldwide organisation committed to striking a balance between the balloon industry and environmental responsibility.

Members of PEBA commit to the following:

No Balloon Releases – Members of PEBA do not support, or condone, nor will they facilitate the deliberate release of balloons.

Responsible Use and Disposal of Balloons – Members will follow responsible practices regarding the uses and disposal of all balloons.

Education – PEBA members will continue to educate the general public, clients and venue managers on the importance of not releasing balloons into the environment and correct use and disposal.

Awareness – Members are requested, where possible, to include a link to PEBA on their website, invoices or email signature to help raise awareness.

Community – Members are asked to notify PEBA if they become aware of any environmental issue, pertaining to balloons, or are having any difficulties dealing with anyone in regards to environmental issues.

helium information

Medical Helium is not used to inflate balloons. The helium used to inflate balloons is not pure enough for medical use. It is a by-product gathered during the production of medical grade helium. Instead of wasting this resource, it is collected and recycled. The sale of balloon gas offsets the cost of medical helium.